“Batch” – a New Zealand slang term for a vacation home.

New Zealand produces some of the finest tasting beef and lamb in the world. Old school farming techniques equate to a more delicious product. Taste pure nature.

A gathering place for people to grab a drink and socialize with an emphasis on quality food through better ingredients and preparation.
New Zealand’s requirements for grass-fed and pasture-raised animals is much stricter than the United States. Sourcing beef and lamb from NZ means we can serve a more consistent, healthier, tastier product every day of the year.
Yes. Our Bachmade black bean patty is vegan and can be substituted onto any burger build at no additional cost.
Bachmade “special sauce” similar to Thousand Island dressing.
No. Our burgers are served with a mixed-green salad tossed in a delicious Bachmade herb vinaigrette.
Light, silky, and elegant.
Yes. Most of our menu is gluten-free (including our fresh-cut fries) and we proudly serve gluten-free buns, lettuce wraps, or no bun at all if you prefer.
No, but many folks opt in for an after-dinner cocktail, sangria, coffee, or even oysters!
British steak sauce; “HP” stands for House of Parliament.
Yes. Buns baked fresh daily, pulled pork, chicken, produce (when possible), oysters, beer, spirits, and even our salt & pepper.
Yes. Making everything from scratch means we know what goes into everything we serve. We love being the “go-to place” for folks that don’t get to eat out often due to dietary restrictions.
No. None of our locations even have a freezer.
Yes! Monday – Friday from 3 – 6 PM.